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JSON Tutorial For Beginners | What is JSON | Learning JSON with JavaScript

by TechCode

Guide to learning how to use JavaScript Objects and JSON data. JSON is the most popular format for data exchange between applications. If you are interested in connected to a web API chances are its JSON formatted. Learn to use AJAX to connect and bring JSON data into your JavaScript!
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This course shows you how to work with JSON formatted data, output content, loop JSON data, Parse JSON and a whole lot more.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a syntax for data. JSON is easier to use than XML and human readable. Most modern web APIs output data in JSON formats. It's a lightweight data interchange format that is quickly becoming the default format for data exchange on internet today! JSON is lightweight, language independent and easy to read and write. JSON is better than XML and more popular!

Within the lessons of this course we will explore
- JavaScript data types used to hold variables and how they work
- JSON and how to write JSON data
- How to add values into a JSON object
- Accessing JSON data and bringing it into JavaScript
- JavaScript JSON parse and stringify methods
- Adding JSON to local storage
- Retrieving back data within JSON formats, updating and working with JSON
- Connecting to a web API using fetch
- Retrieving JSON data from a web API and outputting the results into your web page
- Iterating threw multiple results from an API
- Google Spreadsheet data as JSON and how to practice retrieving data
- All of the source code and resources are in included
- Explore different methods of working with the JSON data stringify and parsing
- How JavaScript objects can use Arrays to hold multiple items
- How JavaScript arrays work and store data

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